52 Weeks of Cocktails Challenge: 2024

The 52 weeks of cocktails challenge continues for its third year! This cocktail challenge was suggested as I wrapped up the 2021 reddit 52 weeks of baking challenge with my chocolate peppermint spritz cookies.

I dabbled in cocktails in 2021. However, it wasn’t until I started making cocktails at home every week that I Iearned all about classic cocktails and bartending basics.

old fashioned cocktail with cube ice, orange twist, and coffee beans.

Making a new cocktail every week helped me to understand what I liked and how easy it was to create a great, well-balanced cocktail. In 2024, I started formalizing my cocktail education with a Level 1 Certification in Spirits from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust.


Join the cocktail challenge for a great all-around cocktail education and to expand your home cocktail bar. Or join just to play more with your favorite mixed drink and see how it changes when you use different simple syrup recipes. You can join at any time and for any number of weeks. But please join us!

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How does the cocktail challenge work?

Below is the new list of cocktail challenges for 2024. It’s intended to be broad to get exposure to a variety of common spirits and styles of cocktails. It’s similar to last year, with some additional attention paid to amari and bitters.

Are there things missing? Absolutely. But, for example, if you really love a Sazerac, you should be able to find several weeks where you can have your Sazerac.

pale green cocktail in a coupe on a silver tray.

I should apologize in advance to any readers who are in the Southern hemisphere. That’s because the list has icy cocktails in summer for those of us in the Northern hemisphere. Feel free to adjust the list to your seasons.

And I feel compelled to say, “Please drink responsibly.”

two wine glasses full of gelatinized liquid with cut grapes inside. One of the glasses is on its side on a wood table. There is a bunch of grapes in the background.

Cocktail of the week

1January 5Martini
2January 12Amaro
3January 19Garnish
4January 26Mocktail
5February 2Clarified Cocktail
6February 9Champagne Flute
7February 16Tropical
8February 23Grapefruit
9March 1Fortified Wine
10March 8Non-Martini “Martini”
11March 15Baileys Irish Cream
12March 22TV or Movie-Inspired
13March 29Coffee or Tea
14April 5Old Fashioned
15April 12Brandy
16April 19Lowball (Rocks) Glass
17April 26Margarita
18May 3Mint Julep
19May 10Spritz
20May 17Gin
21May 24Use the Blender
22May 31Simple Syrups
23June 7Vodka
24June 14Punch
25June 21Layers and Floats
26June 28Jello
27July 5Mojitos
28July 12Moscow Mule
29July 19Wine
30July 26Frozen
31August 2Sour
32August 9Highball Glass
33August 16Berries or Stone Fruit
34August 23Rum
35August 30Purple
36September 6Tequila
37September 13Apple or Pear
38September 20Negroni Week
39September 27Martini Glass
40October 4Manhattan
41October 11Liqueur
42October 18Pumpkin
43October 25Spooky
44November 1Whiskey
45November 8Infusion
46November 15Creamy
47November 22Cranberry
48November 29Bitters
49December 6Absinthe
50December 13Fire!
51December 20Red
52December 27Bubbly
a red cocktail and large ice cube in a lowball glass with a sugar rim and garnished with cranberries surrounded by more cranberries.

Cocktail FAQs

Where and when will you post?

I will try to post the cocktail of the week on Instagram and my Facebook group every Friday of this 52 weeks of cocktails challenge. If you join, please feel free to share at any time. Just tag me @uglyducklingbakery and use the hashtag #52weeksofcocktails, so I see it!

Do you have a cocktail recipe book you can recommend?

I have the Cocktail Codex, which is fabulous, as well as a few others. Online, I recommend the Difford’s Guide as a resource. But mostly I would recommend learning what it is that you like in a cocktail and playing around with proportions and ingredients. That’s what this cocktail challenge is all about.

I don’t know where to start. Help!

For example – with the martini in week 1, if you don’t know whether you prefer a gin or vodka martini, make both and compare. Or compare gins to see how different they can taste. Or change the proportions and make a dry martini with a ratio of 5 parts gin to 1 part vermouth, and compare it with a wet martini and see which you like best.

Each week, I’ll try to share some of thoughts and suggestions for the following week.

What bartending tools do I need?

What bartending equipment you need will depend on what cocktails you like to make at home. Here is my list of essential bar tools for home cocktails.

orange cocktail garnished with a passion fruit half on a white tray with another half and a glass of bubbly.

Or check out a range of fun cocktail ideas from the Purple Pumpkin blog!

Are you an adventurous home cook looking for inspiration in your weeknight meals and weekend baking? Get inspiration here:

egg nog in a glass in front of three mini gingerbread houses.


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