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Welcome to the blog. Here you’ll find recipes for weeknight dinners, weekend baking, and the occasional cocktail. The Ugly Duckling Bakery is for home cooks who want food to be made simply, use the freshest ingredients, and taste absolutely scrumptious.

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three chocolate rugelach on a plate.

Chocolate Rugelach Recipe

These chocolate rugelach are a marriage of a cream cheese pastry wrapped around a rich, dark chocolate and orange filling. Rugelach are classic part of Jewish baking. But these chocolate rugelach aren’t the rugelach of my childhood. Those were filled with cinnamon sugar, raisins, and walnuts. But they will be the rugelach that kiddo remembers…
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I’m an infectious disease doctor in Washington State who’s been cooking and baking for 40+ years! I started the Ugly Duckling Bakery blog in 2021 to share my love for food. My hope is to bring you some of the science and history in recipes, tips and tricks to understand how and why the recipes work, and enough foundation so that you can start to create your own.

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Ugly Duckling Bakery

The Ugly Duckling Bakery isn’t a reality. It’s just a dream that gets me through the workday when the funding is uncertain or the colleagues are fussy.

I’m a lifelong baker, but it wasn’t until 2020, when I was stuck at home with my elementary school kiddo, that I started baking and cooking with a purpose. The things I make are not often pretty, but they taste delicious.