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a cucumber martini with cucumber garnish.

52 Weeks of Cocktails Challenge

This 52 weeks of cocktails challenge was suggested by a colleague after I shared my final bake of the 2021 reddit 52 weeks of baking challenge. I dabbled in cocktails last year, and I’m excited to do more! You might also like: Gin Espresso Martini Recipe The Lady Bridgerton: an Empress Gin Cocktail Rose Syrup…
Hi, I’m Joanne!

I’m so happy you’re here!

I’m an infectious disease doctor in Washington State who’s been cooking and baking for 40+ years! I started the Ugly Duckling Bakery blog to share my love for food, some of my favorite recipes, and the experience of teaching my young kiddo to cook.

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Ugly Duckling Bakery

The Ugly Duckling Bakery isn’t a reality. It’s just a dream that gets me through the workday when the funding is uncertain or the colleagues are fussy.

I’m a lifelong baker, but it wasn’t until 2020, when I was stuck at home with my elementary school kiddo, that I started baking and cooking with a purpose. The things I make are not often pretty, but they taste delicious.

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