Empress Gin Cocktails: The Lady Bridgerton

Ugly Duckling Bakery

Celebrate the start of Bridgerton's Season 2 with a beautiful, gin-based cocktail flavored with tea, lavender, and lemon.

Empress 1908 gin Earl Grey and lavender        simple syrup Lemon juice Garnish: lavender sprigs         or lemon twist


Fun facts! - Bridgerton is set in the Regency period (1811-20). - Earl Grey post-dates this, but other ingredients in this Empress cocktail were all available. – Gin, in particular, has a  fascinating history in the 1700s Gin Craze.

Fun with science! - Butterfly pea flowers give Empress gin its color. - The compound, an anthocyanin, changes depending on pH.  - Add an acid, it turns pink!

- Add a base, it turns blue! - Anthocyanins are found in other foods too, like the red cabbage that was used to dye these pickled eggs.

Back to the cocktail! Simple syrup is easy to make.  Heat sugar and water until the sugar has dissolved. Then add the lavender and tea, let steep, and strain.

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Check out other Empress gin cocktails