Grapefruit pound cake: reddit baking challenge (wk 2)

Grapefruit pound cake: reddit baking challenge (wk 2)

I committed to the Reddit 52 week baking challenge in 2021 in order to bring some organization to my baking and to work on new skills. For week 2 (seasonal ingredients) I made the Grapefruit Olive Oil Pound Cake from the original Smitten Kitchen Cookbook.

As an aside, I won’t be posting copyrighted recipes when I haven’t made adaptations to them (food coloring notwithstanding). I promise that, if you google “Smitten kitchen grapefruit olive oil pound cake,” you can find the recipe, word-for-word, on multiple other sites. I’m too much of a rule follower.

Today’s baking adventure is brought to you by my kiddo

Rub sugar and grapefruit zest and together. Add olive oil.

“Don’t eat the yellow snow!” she says, and laughs.

Glazed cake

Making icing

I am blessed with a child who loves bright colors. And sprinkles. There are so many sprinkles in our lives.

I’m a total novice when it comes to food photography, but I’m ok with today (just ignore the salmon-like appearance). It tasted … perfect.

We should all bake more cake.

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