Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

A hearty welcome to 2021. Here’s to hopes for health and happiness for all.

The New Year is off to a running start, trying to keep up with the reddit 52 week baking challenge (r/52weeksofbaking) in 2021. Week 1 is New Year, New Recipe! Choose a recipe you’ve never made before.

For weeks I have wanted to try a Smitten Kitchen recipe for caramel brownies, but there’s no cream in the house. We do however have lots of frozen blueberries and some ricotta leftover from a dinner last week.

So instead I chose another Smitten Kitchen recipe for the new year (love SK!):

The crust was delightful to work with. I wish I had cooked down the berries some, or at least done a better job of sealing those corners.

I really should buy some cream.

Happy New Year, and welcome to my blog! If you like what you see here, please comment.

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