Purple Velvet  Cake

It's... PURPLE! This purple velvet cake with white chocolate (no, PURPLE!) cream cheese frosting is a twist on a classic red velvet cake.

Cake layers Flour Cocoa Baking powder Baking soda Salt Butter Sugar Eggs Vanilla


Buttermilk Vinegar  Food coloring Frosting White chocolate Cream cheese Butter Vanilla Food coloring

Tips and Tricks "Flour" cake pans with cocoa when you make chocolate cakes. Cocoa prevents the cake from sticking just like flour. And you don't end up with white flour on cake layers!

Tips and Tricks Most people don't cream their butter and sugar long enough. Don't stop when they just comes together. It really should be soft and light.

Tips and Tricks This purple velvet cake has lots of cocoa to give more chocolate flavor. But it's harder to get a rich purple.  Sub flour for some cocoa if color is more important.

What does a purple velvet cake taste like? It tastes just like red velvet cake – it has a mild chocolate flavor with a soft, velvety texture (thus the name).

But ... if you want a rich and fudgy chocolate cake, this one is the cake you want to make.