Pulled  Duck  Breast

Ugly Duckling Bakery

This pulled duck breast recipe is a variation on pulled pork. Only, instead of BBQ sauce, this pulled duck breast is mixed with hoisin and served with rice, a pancake, or steamed buns.

Pulled Duck Breast Ingredients

duck breasts  garlic cloves  ginger hoisin sauce

Tips and tricks First, make shallow slashes through the skin and fat, being careful not to cut the meat.

Tips and tricks The key to pulled duck is a slow cook over low heat to get tender meat.

Tips and tricks When the duck breast has cooked (after ~2 hours), use hands or forks to shred the duck into bite-sized pieces.

Tips and tricks Add the shredded duck to a medium sized pot and stir in hoisin sauce over low heat until it is warmed and thickly covered in sauce.

Tips and tricks Serve immediately with pancakes or steamed bao or over rice.

Is duck breast healthy? Duck has more fat than chicken or turkey, which is why it has more flavor. But it’s healthier than beef and other red meats.