two twenty dollar and two five dollar bills

Income and Donations

As I pledged on my About page, I’ll be donating any income generated by the Ugly Duckling Bakery blog. It may not be much for now, but everything has to start somewhere.

2021 in review:
In the first year, the blog had over 40,000 visitors and nearly 65,000 views.
Best month: December 2021, with 11,773 visitors and 16,301 views.
Best day: December 8, with 2152 visitors and 3003 views.

– Given two boxes of HunnyZ apples by the folks at Gee Whiz.
– Received two bottles of Empress1908 gin and $50 for a sponsored Instagram post.
– Created “The Lady Bridgerton” – an Earl Grey and lavender Empress 1908 gin cocktail
– Donated $50 to a local food bank.

Total donated: $50

Gifting policy

I do occasionally accept gifts of food and kitchen-related products to try. If you would like me to consider this, please contact me using the brief form (below).

When I accept unpaid gifts, it is with the understanding that I will have no obligation to feature the product in a blog post or on social media in any way or to provide a review, positive or negative. I will disclose all gifts, and all links related to gifts will be “no follow.”