Earl Grey Lavender Cake

Ugly Duckling Bakery

If you love floral notes in Earl Grey tea, you will adore this Earl Grey lavender cake made with lavender cream cheese buttercream frosting.

Earl Grey Lavender Cake Ingredients

cake flour baking powder baking soda salt butter sugar Earl Grey tea  culinary lavender eggs vanilla buttermilk cream cheese food coloring

Lavender in baking

Grind lavender in a spice grinder. Lavender can taste soapy, so go easy. If you love lavender, up it in the cake layer. Or brush the cake with lavender syrup.

Tips and Tricks This recipe uses the "creaming method." Cream the sugar and butter until light and fluffy. Add the eggs. Then alternate the dry ingredients with the liquid.

Tips and Tricks I am not a piping expert!  It just takes practice. To make this pattern, use a piping bag with a large star tip like Ateco #824.

Tips and Tricks: Hold the piping bag vertically in your non-dominant hand. Use your dominant hand to squeeze and pull up.

Preventing dry cakes 1) When following a recipe, try weighing ingredients. 2) Don't overbake. Ovens vary, so check a few minutes before recipes say. 3) Soak cake layers with simple syrups.

Do you like lavender?

Make a quick batch of lemon and lavender shortbread cookies.

Do you like lavender?