Strawberry Apple Pie

Ugly Duckling Bakery

The strawberry apple pie uses sweet ripe strawberries to bring a new twist to a classic. Apples and strawberries are beautiful together.  Don't forget the ice cream with this apple strawberry pie!

This strawberry apple pie recipe was inspired by my discovery that apples and strawberries make a delicious applesauce, even without added sugar.

Strawberry Apple Pie Ingredients

flour sugar salt cream cheese butter heavy cream cider vinegar apples lemon juice strawberries cornstarch egg

If you are afraid of making pie crust, you should try a cream cheese pie crust at least once, on a not-so-hot day, if you can!

Making Pie Crust

The trick to hulling strawberries is to first remove the leaves by grabbing and pulling them off. Then use the tip of a paring knife to work your way around the core.

Use your rolling pin to transfer the rolled crust to your pan, then trim. Fill with the fruit tossed with cornstarch and top with a caramel made from juice released by the fruit.

Tips and tricks

You can make a variety of lattices for the top crust of this strawberry apple pie. Roll out your dough and use cookie cutters to cut out different shapes.

Lattice tops

Or use a knife or pastry cutter to cut out strips to make a weaved design for your top crust.

Lattice tops

Some times it's easier to make your lattice top on a cutting board and put it in the freezer before you transfer it. This is a less messy way when you have a juicy pie.

Lattice tops

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