Cavatappi Alfredo and Peas

Ugly Duckling Bakery

This recipe for cavatappi alfredo with peas makes an easy, creamy, warm lunch in just 15 minutes. Everyone needs a warm lunch once in a while.

Cavatappi Alfredo and Peas Ingredients

cavatappi or other         short pasta frozen peas unsalted butter  heavy cream nutmeg Parmesan

What is cavatappi? Cavatappi means "corkscrew" in Italian.

Fettucine alfredo is indeed Italian, although American love for butter and cheese has made it popular. I'm told the cream wasn't original and was made popular by none other than Marcella Hazan.

Variations! Make this cavatappi alfredo with pumpkin puree. Or add bacon. Mmmmm bacon.

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