After finishing the Reddit 52 Weeks of Baking, I was asked to create the #52 Weeks of Cocktails Challenge.                                     The goal?

- Learn to make classic cocktails. - Play with simple syrups. - Find other cocktail lovers. - Have fun.



Week 1: The Martini Taste Test Mini martinis with different gin: dry vermouth ratios.  Try 1:2, 1:1, 2:1, 5:1, and one with just a rinse of vermouth and see which you like best.

Week 2: The Daiquiri Taste Test Same thing now with daiquiris (rum, lime, and simple syrup).  Vary the amounts of lime juice and syrup and see which you like best.

Week 3: Fun with Garnishes

Week 4: Mocktail Pornstar Martini Mocktail   passionfruit purée   lime juice   simple syrup   vanilla extract   bitters

Week 5: Wine Glass 30- Second Sangria   red wine   orange juice   Cointreau   simple syrup   garnish - orange wheel


Week 6: Red Strawberry Daiquiri   2oz white rum   1oz lime juice   3/4 to 1oz simple syrup


Week 7: Coffee or Tea Chai Bourbon Old Fashioned   2oz bourbon   1/2oz chai honey simple syrup   2 dashes angostura bitters   garnish: orange peel I love this simple syrup...



Vodka Espresso, cooled Coffee liqueur Baileys Irish Cream Garnish: coffee beans

Week 10: Green Chocolate mint cocktail   1oz creme de menthe   1oz chocolate liqueur   1oz vodka   2 dashes chocolate bitters