Cookie Decorating with Kiddo

These crayon cookies were my bake for the reddit 52 weeks of baking challenge (Week 38 Decoration Challenge: Royal Icing or Fancy Glaze). It was the first time we made royal icing for cooking decorating with kiddo.

I share, not because they are beautiful cookies, but because it was fun. Kiddo had a grand time baking and decorating. And somehow she discovered this comic overlay on my phone…

a tray of 10 crayon shaped cookies decorated with blue royal icing

We both need more practice, but there were some initial lessons learned:

  • Freezing the cut out cookies for a short time prior to baking helps prevent them from spreading and losing their shapes.
  • My piping icing and especially my flood icing needed to be less thick to make it easier for kiddo to work with and to have a thinner layer of icing on the cookies. So. Much. Sugar.
  • It would have helped us to start with even simpler decoration and fewer colors than these crayon cookies. I’m glad we didn’t make the five-color apples!
  • And, most importantly, in the end it doesn’t matter what they look like. They were delicious, fun was had, and we both gained new skills. A yummy win for all.
four panels in comic overlay showing the outlining of the crayon cookies with piping icing

four panels in comic overlay showing flooding icing and icing additional parts with black and white icing

The final product…

comic overlay showing the final blue crayon cookies

What’s next?

If you make cookies with your kiddos or have questions about cooking and baking with kids, please leave a comment here or share a pic with me on Instagram!

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