Bite-Sized Cookies

First things first. Here are the recipes for these two cookies:
Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (an uglyducklingbakery adaptation)
Triple chocolate chip cookies (from Tom Douglas in Epicurious)

I normally use a #40 scoop for cookies, but for the “bite-sized” challenge I used a #70 and started checking doneness a few minutes early. They’re really more like two-bite-sized.

T rex cookie jar with plate of cookies and peanut butter cookie in mouth.

It’s been a month since I started this blog, and I’m still very much on the steep part of the learning curve. I’ve joined two challenges for two different reasons: reddit’s 52 weeks of baking inspires me to try new things but also to showcase my bakes in new ways. The T. rex was a lucky accident (he was in the background on my countertop in week 2) and brings me joy. I think he brings others joy too – that pic was at the top of the subreddit for most of yesterday. But bringing joy is why I started this blog.

The second is the EatCaptureShare challenge on Instagram, which has been much more focused on photography technique. That, and learning Instagram, which I had never used before (I made my first story!) – the pic below was submitted for the third theme: repetition.

pile of chocolate cookies alternating with peanut butter cookies.


Honestly, I’ll be glad when the second and final challenge week is done. I’ll be borrowing mr. uglyducklingbakery’s digital camera this week to see what it can do.

But I’ll be continuing this blog to see what I can do. Please let me know if I can help you find more deliciousness in your life.

two chocolate cookies on a plate next to glass of milk.

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