Pineapple-coconut empanadas: in the kitchen with kiddo

Pineapple-coconut empanadas: in the kitchen with kiddo

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and I try to encourage kiddo to help out when she can, both because it helps her to gain skills and confidence but also because it means we spend more time together. We recently got her a gift subscription to the America’s Test Kitchen Young Chefs’ Club, and this month’s theme is “dumplings”. Potstickers, pierogi, and empanadas, oh my.

Kiddo selected pineapple-coconut empanadas for our first dumpling adventure. It’s not what I would have picked, but she’s the one in charge today.

First step, make the dough and chill it in the fridge. Done. Next, reduce the mixture of pineapple, brown sugar, lemon juice, and molasses over med-low heat. For 30 minutes. I don’t know about yours, but my kiddo surely isn’t going to stand over the stove and stir for 30 minutes.

After the filling cooled, we rolled out the dough and she used a circle cutter to cut out 4.5in circles. We used a scoop to add one tablespoon of filling per instructions, resisting the urge to overstuff our empanadas. I always overstuff dumplings, ravioli, spring rolls, tortillas. I can’t help myself.

Once she got a handle on it, I’m pretty sure kiddo had better technique in sealing the empanadas than I did.

The end produce was a lovely, flaky crust wrapped around a caramelized pineapple filling. Again, not my choice for dessert (I would have been angling for the triple chocolate cake balls in the freezer), but kiddo is excited for our next dumpling adventure. Which is really the point.

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